Video streaming service is doing wonders in entertainment, technology, marketing, information & various other industries with the revolution in the broadcasting industry. Video streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, etc. has changed the scenario of watching content & moreover watching desired content. Quality content & freedom to watch them anytime has lead this idea to the path of great success. There is a drastic increase in the audience watching content online compared to television nowadays.

The success of video streaming sites & their popularity has generated new business opportunities. To grab the opportunity, launching video streaming platform like YouTube could bring a lot of commercial success. Website clone from ClonesCloud is ultimate fix to your all new video streaming & sharing website. Quick start your business with ClonesCloud YouTube Clone script.

How to Kickstart a video streaming and sharing website with YouTube Clone?

YouTube Clone - VueTubes, a video streaming software, helps you furnish platform similar to YouTube. Clones are websites developed with similar architecture of an existing successful website to launch a website without developing it from ground level zero. YouTube Clone Script is ready to launch software from ClonesCloud which enables you to start with your video streaming website instantly and without much ado. Ready to launch software loaded with turnkey features eliminates the need for developing a site from scratch. With complementary customization, installment & deployment website gets live in no time.

Why YouTube Clone from ClonesCloud?

YouTube Clone Script is the best alternative to website development. Following are the reasons why to choose YouTube Script for your video streaming website:-

  • Cost efficient alternative to website development
  • Time-saving, which takes no time to launch a website
  • Open source script which capacitates customization
  • Robust script built in powerful technologies
  • Scalable script for future development in the website
  • Eliminates business planning due to successful business model of reference site
  • Assurance of demand in the market due to popularity of its reference site.
  • Indubitable due to awareness in customer base

Admin features for qualitative control & various other features for site management. Social media login options like Facebook & Google plus, user-friendly dashboard, email-based activation & registration, SEO friendly URLs, responsive design, sitemap, Google analytics & blog, 100% source code & customizable, 1 year support/updates, etc. salient features of YouTube Clone Open Source, makes it possible to launch a website which is highly user friendly.

Astonishing features Video Sharing Script for the best foot forward

YouTube Clone - VueTubes comes loaded with features which makes it your sure shot success in online video sharing industry.

  • Unlimited video uploads
  • Unlimited playlist creation
  • Share videos on social media
  • Search videos
  • Search video, channels & playlists
  • Watch later list
  • Payment/Earning history
  • Banner & Video ads

VueTubes is game changer clone for your video sharing website which will provide platform to many capable content creators in various fields like art, music, dance theatre, blogging, technology, etc. to showcase their skills in front of the world through your platform.

Get your head in the game with ClonesCloud YouTube Clone. Have a look at the user demo & drop us a line at for your own video sharing website on the go & with ease.