We can clearly see the sonorous success of task marketplace industry which is making millions by just making professional taskers and service seekers find each other on one platform. The success of online task marketplace platform lies in the convenience service they offer to customers with a busy lifestyle and when professional services are sought.

Therefore, task marketplace is successful business opportunity to place you in the sun!

TaskRabbit is one such prosperous platform matching freelance professional help and labor with local demand thus helping professionals and service seekers find each other easily where professionals comes to customers instead the other way around. Where traditionally customers rely on contacts of their friends and relatives or else go in search of professionals which many a times resulted in unsatisfied services.

Set up your own task marketplace and facilitate quality, safe and reliable services just click away with TaskRabbit Clone from ClonesCloud to earn mountainous amount of yields from your task marketplace platform. TaskRabbit Clone is a ready to launch task marketplace script.

Why TaskRabbit Clone is your go-to option to make tons of cash?

TaskRabbit Clone is the best possible alternative to launch your own local service marketplace platform without much fuss. TaskRabbit Script is your go-to option because of the reasons listed down below:-

  • It eliminates exorbitant process of website development being ready to launch per-configured script.
  • It requires no much high end technical assistance being ready to launch script built in powerful technologies.
  • It saves a big on development time which facilitates quick launch of a website.
  • TaskRabbit Clone script is a customizable script enabling launch of a unique and fresh website.
  • Feature rich platform with custom added features to build a user friendly website.
  • Scalable and robust script to support customization and future developments.
  • Open source script with pre-tested quality to guarantee an error free website.

Feature rich Tasks Marketplace platform for the best foot forward.

Peer to peer marketplace software from ClonesCloud is a feature rich platform to launch a website just like TaskRabbit to make tons of cash!

TaskRabbit Clone is loaded with features to build an impressive and audience engaging platform with many basic and different features for audience, taskers and audience.

Key basic features of the website:-

  • Email based registration and activation
  • Multi currency and PayPal standard payment gateway
  • Review, ratings and easy admin contact
  • Newsletter, blog, Google analytics and stemap
  • 100% source code and customizable script with support and updates.

Features for admin:-

  • Highly managed control panel and CMS with admin side notifications
  • Various management options like commission management, tasker registration management, task management, subadmin management, homepage slider management, category management and various other management options.
  • Outlines, statistics, payment history, abusive keyword defense and many more.

Features for taskers:-

  • Unlimited task listing and availability management like date and slot wise
  • Notification for task request
  • Invoice generation facility
  • Dispute creation facility
  • Admin managed escrow
  • Verified tags and wallet

Features for customers:-

  • Various social media login options
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Search taskers and advance filters
  • Unlimited task requests
  • Report inappropriate taskers to admin and dispute creation facility
  • Message room and transaction history and many more other features.

Above features and customization facility with complementary installation and deployment makes TaskRabbit Clone of ClonesCloud the best Taskrabbit Clone to build and grow your own local service marketplace business. Get in touch with us to know more at sales@clonescloud.com and begin your journey to become wealthy and prosperous with our best in class service.

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