Social bookmarking website is a website for social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion, which allows its registered users to contribute through their content in various forms like link, text and images. Social bookmarking the biggest community on the internet, sharing information and news which facilitates its users to debate, discussion comment, vote etc on the same. Social bookmarking is preferred platform for content marketing and business promotion and growth through social bookmarking and link sharing. Also learn about how Reddit Clone Script makes a simple way to commence a social bookmarking website.

Inspired by Reddit and its functioning model - a popular social bookmarking website, ClonesCloud has developed Reddit Clone to help you with easy launch of a website like Reddit and grab the opportunities of prospering social bookmarking website industry. Reddit Clone script is your easy gateway to success in social bookmarking industry with features to kick start your website.

What is Reddit Clone?

Reddit Clone - Open source Social Bookmarking script is a preconfigured script inspired by Reddit to launch a website similar to Reddit. Built on similar architectural structure of Reddit, Social bookmarking script php from ClonesCloud facilitates quick launch of a new website with mere installation and deployment.

Below is the list of features of social bookmarking software which makes it a wise choice:-

  • Reddit Clone - a Social Bookmarking script is a ready to launch Reddit clone open source script capacitating customization to launch a peerless website.
  • It is cost effective and time saving alternative to website development which requires no development thus saving capital and development time.
  • Feature rich platform with SEO friendly URLs and responsive design for an engaging and interactive website to facilitate satisfying user experience.

What it takes to be effective like Reddit?

In soaring competition it becomes crucial to begin with a platform which is promising and effective enough to launch a website which serves its purpose efficaciously. Reddit Clone script from ClonesCloud is your go-to option, not just effective like Reddit but just like Reddit.

To build a platform effectual and impressive, below mentioned FOUR characteristics are must for your social bookmarking website:-

1. Persistent and endurable script

A scalable and robust script is the first thing to be considered while opting for clone website development. ClonesCloud’s Reddit script is 100% source code and customization script with responsive design. Injection proof structure built on own strapping framework of powerful technologies like PHP and MySQL, Reddit Clone Php ensures an error free website with quality guaranteed.

2. Feature-rich

A successful website requires top-standard features to keep their audience captive and engaging. Reddit Clone from ClonesCloud is a feature rich platform blended with features of reference site as well as option to add custom features according to the niche requirement of every business. With various social media login options, private message board, Paypal standard payment gateway, Google analytics, Karma points, outlines and statistics etc makes Reddit Clone an astute choice.

3. High-end admin management options

Quality and other management of a website is key aspect to be considered to assure a smooth running website. Reddit Clone is packed with various admin management options like post and post promotion management, post category management, user and sub-admin management, membership plan and credit management, reported post and comment management etc with high end admin panel CMS to keep quality check over the website.

4. Comprehensive post options

A social bookmarking should comprehend comprehensive post options to facilitate advance bookmarking facility to users which is the primary and important service of social bookmarking website. Reddit Clone is bundled with post options like submit unlimited link post, submit unlimited text post, promote post, browse post, save post, hide post, up or down vote post, recently viewed post, report inappropriate post, comment post, etc.

Bend over backward with ClonesCloud Reddit Clone to launch prodigious social bookmarking website of your own without much a fuss.

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